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Your Vote, Your Voice

I was excited to vote early on Tuesday with my wife Terri and my daughter Maddie, just a week before the partisan primary election here in Wisconsin.

We voted for the candidates from the Democratic party that we feel have the best vision for Wisconsin. I’m happy to be the only Democratic candidate for the 5th Congressional District, and am interested to see who will be the Republican candidate.

In our state, primary elections mean you vote with your party without crossing the ballot, so we’re able to choose the candidates from our party that will represent us in the general election in November.

Some may think that primary elections don’t matter, and that they should just wait to vote in the general election. But this isn’t the case.

While going to the polls on a nice August day may not seem like your ideal activity, the importance of your vote is undeniable. And choosing the right candidates to run in the general election gives us the best shot at electing candidates that will bring positive change to our state.  

Your vote is your voice in this country and every election matters, whether it’s school board or presidential.

So as they say, you have two hands for a reason - one to vote with, and one to bring someone along.

Thanks for voting,

Tom Palzewicz

Terri and I voting at Brookfield City Hall

Terri and I voting at Brookfield City Hall

Maddie Palzewicz