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Reproductive Rights are Human Rights

Yesterday, I announced the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Action Fund. I am so honored to have earned their endorsement because we absolutely need to continue to support the funding of these crucial women’s health organizations. These organizations not only provide pre- and post-pregnancy care, but often serve as the main form of primary care for many women in need.

It’s my view that healthcare clinics and the women they support should not be burdened with unnecessary regulations that are clearly disguised as laws aimed at shutting down access to care.

I believe a woman has a constitutional right to choose abortion before viability. But even if you disagree, we should all be able to agree that women should be able to prevent themselves from getting pregnant if they choose. The reality is that anti-choice groups continue to attack not only the availability of abortion, but access to birth control. And their radical views on access to reproductive healthcare results in women finding it harder to access even things like pap smears and cancer screenings. 

For too long, politicians -- mostly wealthy men -- have been making decisions about women’s reproductive rights. This needs to end. Women must have a full and equal seat at the table and drive the direction and implementation of our reproductive health laws, because reproductive rights are human rights. 

Maddie Palzewicz