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Key Issues We Must Solve

What Tom Cares About




One of this country’s principles is that everyone is entitled to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Healthcare is a right that everyone in this country should have access to. Medicare for All is the only logical solution to our country’s healthcare needs. 

Healthcare in America, and the insurance industry that drives it, is broken. The for-profit healthcare model doesn’t work. People do not make individual or family healthcare decisions economically, nor should they. If you need emergency heart surgery you don’t shop around for the cheapest price, you get the help you need immediately.

The path to Medicare for All will be challenging, but it is the path our country must take, and we need to start it now.



Education is arguably the most important service our government provides us. We don’t just need to educate our citizens so that they can be productive members of society, it’s simply the right thing to do.

Our nation is facing an Educational crisis. States continue to cut funding for both K-12 schools and public universities. The Trump administration is now waging an all out war on our schools, threatening them with policies that seek to undermine our entire public education system. We have to reverse this trend. We must have education reform that strengthens our public education system and ends the student loan debt crisis. 



Climate Change is real. Period. We cannot continue to deny the findings of our climate scientists. Man's effect on global climate change is undeniable, and to ignore this fact is extremely dangerous to the well being of every single person on our planet. Sound environmental policy is paramount to reducing even more environmental issues, future international crises and securing the health and long-term success of humanity at large. 

Instead of focusing on subsidizing the current fossil fuel industry, we must increase our investment in renewable energy sources. Green energy is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy. In fact, US solar power generation now employs more people than oil, gas and coal power generation combined.

As the fossil fuel industry (or any major sector of our economy) fades, we must help those who face losing their jobs and livelihoods. As a country, we have to take care of our citizens as we transition toward green living. Leaving coal miners and pipeline welders out in the cold is simply not an option.

Economic Infrastructure


Our economy is America’s backbone. When the economy is strong, America is strong. To keep the economy strong, we must continually invest in new and innovative technology to build our economic infrastructure. For too long we have been neglecting our critical infrastructure. From roads and bridges to the criminal justice system and our social safety nets, we have been failing each other.

Our economy is the strongest when we invest in modern technology that solidifies our critical infrastructure in ways that grow jobs, wages and businesses. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought us out of the Great Depression by doing exactly this.

America also needs to solve its structural deficit. Spending more than we are collecting in taxes is completely unsustainable and grows our federal budget deficit by the day. We have to stop cutting the taxes of the ultra-wealthy in this country. We also need to cut irresponsible spending while ensuring that we safeguard our safety net programs.

Gun Violence Prevention


As a hunter and past gun owner, I respect that the Second Amendment guarantees the rights of law-abiding and responsible gun owners. In fact, I was previously a member of the NRA and earned a marksmanship award from the organization -- back when it was actually focused on training and gun safety. 

Since that time, gun violence in America has become a massive epidemic. The American people overwhelmingly support common-sense gun laws and safety reform, yet my opponent has earned an “A" Rating from the NRA by voting against multiple gun safety bills and putting the interests of gun manufacturers ahead of the safety of the American public. 

The time is now to protect children in their schools, worshipers at church, moviegoers at the theater and every single American from preventable gun violence.